Fire Safety Directors

One of the biggest challenges facing Strata Council’s in the preparation of their building’s Fire Safety Plan is something that seems so simple:

Who’s going to sign on as the Fire Safety Director?

Should be an easy thing to do — put someone’s name in a book that’s going to be locked in a box at the front door for the next however-many years.

Ah, but the position of Fire Safety Directorship is so much more…and bears some striking liability consequences for Strata Councils who may be finding it hard to get someone to take on the role and the responsibilities.

The Fire Safety Director is the lead for the Supervisory Staff, a term defined under the British Columbia Fire Code as the people in charge of the Fire Safety Planning in the building. By Code, they must be trained before taking on the role and they are in charge of ensuring a rather long list of responsibilities, that the Council has to its Owner’s group, are taken seriously and fulfilled.

As a group of volunteers, a Strata Council may find that the eager person stepping forward doesn’t have the required training in the implementation of the building’s plan….or, more commonly, that no one wishes to take on the position at all.

That’s where Artemis Fire Consulting can help.

We’ve been creating fire safety plans for almost 20 years and can provide you with the required training for your Fire Safety Director and Deputy Director, ensuring that you are educated and prepared to take on the role.

No eager volunteers? Artemis Fire has you covered.

With our years of drafting and implementing Fire Safety Plans, we are uniquely qualified to provide Fire Safety Director services to discerning clients who wish to mitigate risk within their buildings. We are specially insured for these services and work closely with Council to ensure full life safety oversight in your home.

Whichever you choose, do so knowing that training and education are essential to life safety in your building. So give us a call to discuss your needs.

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